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An open letter to all our Wedding clients

An open letter to all our Wedding clients

Like everyone, we at Lemore Manor are working through the worst crisis to hit our nation, and particularly, the Hospitality sector in living memory. 

At the heart of the Covid-19 crisis lies deep uncertainty as to what the future holds, and constant changes in levels of restriction by our Government only serves to make this situation doubly difficult to deal with. 

Most of our focus currently is adapting our business each time there is a change to ensure that we are providing an inviting, yet safe and compliant environment for all our guests and team members.

We are very conscious that many of our clients are finding this uncertainty equally difficult to deal with. However, currently, there is no clarity around what the response is or should be of businesses in our sector. 

Indeed, the CMA Guidance so often referred to has recently been questioned as to its legality by pre-eminent consumer law silk Jonathan Kirk QC and this is still to be resolved. We provide a link to a relevant article below which simply highlights the current confusion and diversity of opinions. It is fair to say that the wedding sector as a whole is at a loss as to the CMA’s approach and is seeking further clarification.


We want to hold weddings. We want to create and deliver unforgettable days and a lifetime of memories for couples and guests. Quite simply, it is what we live for. But we cannot and will not tolerate threats to family or staff. It is with sadness we have had to report one incident to Herefordshire Police which is now under investigation.  In addition, our legal team are investigating and will be taking action to the numerous threats of defamation and slander to our business.

We ask that you please give us a chance to navigate these uncharted waters, so that we can best serve you, our cherished customers.

Over the weeks and months ahead, please be assured that we will not only abide by whatever guidelines are drawn up and agreed by the relevant bodies, but we will be as flexible as we possibly can be in dealing with any bookings whether past, present or future.  Specifically, we will ensure that our cancellation policy is in line with industry standards, something which is the subject of significant research, debate and testing currently.

It is our intention to update our website on a regular basis to keep all our clients abreast of developments and in the meantime, we would simply ask for a degree of patience in these immensely frustrating times for us all.

We will continue to work with our couples during these unprecedented times and look forward to continuing to deliver magical weddings at Lemore Manor.

Ben and Margaret Owen, Fine Manor Events Limited.